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Why You Should Open-Source Your Startup

When we open-sourced everything a month ago, we were nervous. What if no one contributes?, we worried. We had spent a week writing documentation, automating the developer setup, filing easy issues, paring down the repository, and preparing licenses. We wanted to demonstrate that open source should be the default choice for many startups and games, but if we failed, then we would have done the opposite.

We needn't have worried. The CodeCombat Archmages swarmed the GitHub gates, breached the dev setup bug barricade, and presented a plethora of pull requests. Here are the first month stats:

"Okay, sure, that's a lot of contributors, but are they really helping? Those pull requests are probably tiny changes like centering some div. I bet the CodeCombat team is still doing almost all the real work and the open source thing is just for show."

Not convinced by a list of numbers? Good; I wouldn't be, either. Let's dig in and see how much the Archmages have really contributed. Here are the top five open source contributors with links to their commits:

Checklist For Your Meeting

On Shout Out

Preparing well for an important meeting is crucial to successfully closing in on business deals. Make sure you have a checklist of the items you plan on using for your presentation. Firstly, be thorough with all the facts and figures that govern your product.

Include smart and witty one liners that helps you to sustain the audience’s interest. It is important to note that the jokes are in good nature and are relevant to point of discussion. Maintain eye contact with all members and prevent the need to constantly glance at the screen while speaking. Converse confidently and address all issues that you think will help to sell the product better.

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