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New Feature Onslaught

We just uploaded the next version of CodeCombat, which contains all the goodies we’ve been working on since June: a couple new levels made with the new level editor, music, a new programming environment, much faster world simulation, 100% less “murder”, and tons of other updates. We’ve rewritten almost all of the code, so there must be lots of bugs; let us know if you see any.

A level editor, eh? Yes! Ever since our prototype launched in June, we’ve been hard at work optimizing the site for level creation. What you unequivocally told us was that you wanted more levels, so we built adrag-and-drop live editing level editor that requires no programming and used it to make all the levels you now see on the site. Check out a quick demo video:

Now, the editor is still rough and not documented, so we haven’t enabled it for public usage just yet. If you want to play with it, let us know, and we’ll show you how it works. When it’s ready, we’ll unveil it. Other exciting updates to come in the next couple months, too—we’re hoping to open source all of CodeCombat.

On Winning in Baseball and Life


A quick question. how do you make yourself do something productive instead of wasting time? I know I've tried various things, like an alarm clock or making it easy to do productive things, making sure i know what to do, and so on. Is the only choice to just try increasing the odds as much as possible for the future and hope that when the time comes it will work? Is there no way to get to 100 or even 90% success?

I know its not realistic to shoot for that, its better to do the best you can with what you have and work from there, but I'm wondering if that end goal can be reached.

Good question. Let me ask you a counter-question:

How do you win at baseball?

The most simple answer is obvious - "Score more runs than your opponent."

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