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Kings of Zero Sum: Strategies from the AI Wars

It began in Singapore, where the top young coders sent thousands of soldiers to destroy one another. It then spread worldwide, turning innocent game developers into sorcerous warlords. The sky darkened with arrows, spears, artillery shells, and clouds made of solid gold. Freed from eternal imprisonment by countless reckless targeting algorithms, the mountain yetis charged into the fray, causing a worldwide bone shortage. The Zero Sum programming tournament was upon us.

The #1 ogre king is the returning champion Wizard Dude (Michael Heasell) with 162 wins and 1 loss across all human opponents. In second is xxx9877654321, with nemoyatpeace in third.

The #1 human king is the unstoppable NoJuice4u (Wayne Chen) with 105 wins and 3 losses, trailed by Qenf in second, with Stofflon and Driphter tied for third.

Just trying

On Sparrow, Mouse and Bear

To improve. My home; my productivity; my relationship with my lover, my parents, those around me; my work; my study; my habits in general. 

It all seems so overwhelming at times - but then I remember, I have a lifetime to get these things in check. And if some of those things pass in the meantime before I've 'improved' to my own unrealistic standards, well, so be it. I've tried. 

As long as I'm trying to improve, I'm improving. 

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