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Join CodeCombat in the Fight for an Open Internet

We're going to break out of our usual parlance of ogres, wizards, and epic battles to talk about a really important topic: the importance of having an open internet, how it is threatened, what CodeCombat is doing to preserve it, and how you can help.

Having a truly open and neutral internet is vital, especially to education. Having an open internet means:

We firmly believe that the future of humanity and the world economy depends heavily upon education, and I believe that the future of education depends heavily upon having an open and neutral internet.

I spoke at TEDxSeattle

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

I recently was invited to speak at TEDxSeattle. Parkour has had such a big impact on my life, so I knew parkour had to be involved in my talk somehow. And yet, I wanted to do something bigger than just another talk on parkour.

Since moving to Seattle, the focus of my life has really shifted from parkour to startups. After a lot of thinking, I realized how much parkour has impacted my thinking - even in the startup world. So, I wrote this talk...

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