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Why You Should Open-Source Your Startup

When we open-sourced everything a month ago, we were nervous. What if no one contributes?, we worried. We had spent a week writing documentation, automating the developer setup, filing easy issues, paring down the repository, and preparing licenses. We wanted to demonstrate that open source should be the default choice for many startups and games, but if we failed, then we would have done the opposite.

We needn't have worried. The CodeCombat Archmages swarmed the GitHub gates, breached the dev setup bug barricade, and presented a plethora of pull requests. Here are the first month stats:

"Okay, sure, that's a lot of contributors, but are they really helping? Those pull requests are probably tiny changes like centering some div. I bet the CodeCombat team is still doing almost all the real work and the open source thing is just for show."

Not convinced by a list of numbers? Good; I wouldn't be, either. Let's dig in and see how much the Archmages have really contributed. Here are the top five open source contributors with links to their commits:

day 36 | john 15-16

On grow

Jesus is talking to the disciples about the persecution they will suffer because they follow him. The consequences are marginalization and death. They will be kicked out of their communities because they follow him. They will be killed because they seek to emulate him in mind, body, and spirit. Even though the disciples and their persecutors believe in and worship the same God, they will be at odds. Jesus is saying that because these people will kick them out and kill them, they do not know God.

I think this says something of the character of God, revealed through the life of Jesus.

God includes all people and values the lives of all people.

As we've seen throughout the gospels, Jesus only teaches those who wish to be taught, but serves all people. Healing does not require discipleship. A meal does not require obedience. Jesus was moved with compassion for everyone, and his heart was hard only toward those who would withhold life and blessing - shalom - from everyone.

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