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New Experimental Languages: Python, Lua, Clojure, and Io

We've just finished judging the CodeCombat Parser Challenge on ChallengePost, wherein our mighty Archmages picked their favorite programming languages to add to CodeCombat. In addition to JavaScript and CoffeeScript, you can now play any CodeCombat level in Python, Lua, Clojure, or Io! (Python isn't totally done, Io has some big bugs, and none of them have any documentation–that'll come as we solidify the new languages.)

The Winners

1st Place - MacBook Air: basicer (Rob Blanckaert) for his Lua parser, Lua 2 JS

I'm not flaunting it, but I'm not hiding anymore either.

On Rgooglin Around

I'm not a bad person, but I usually dont like for everybody to know everything I do. People are different and sometimes this gets me into conversations defending my beliefs or the way I do things. I don't like conflict, so I usually hide my true answers.

I like who I am and who I'm becoming.

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