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Kings of Zero Sum: Strategies from the AI Wars

It began in Singapore, where the top young coders sent thousands of soldiers to destroy one another. It then spread worldwide, turning innocent game developers into sorcerous warlords. The sky darkened with arrows, spears, artillery shells, and clouds made of solid gold. Freed from eternal imprisonment by countless reckless targeting algorithms, the mountain yetis charged into the fray, causing a worldwide bone shortage. The Zero Sum programming tournament was upon us.

The #1 ogre king is the returning champion Wizard Dude (Michael Heasell) with 162 wins and 1 loss across all human opponents. In second is xxx9877654321, with nemoyatpeace in third.

The #1 human king is the unstoppable NoJuice4u (Wayne Chen) with 105 wins and 3 losses, trailed by Qenf in second, with Stofflon and Driphter tied for third.

Onvif&gSoap (part 2): ​WS-discovery - file generation

On .flush()

WS-discovery for onvif is based on the same protocol from the web-services world, with some simplifications. There are only Hello/Bye and Probe/ProbeMatches messages.

The Hello and Bye are sent by a device when it starts/stops. In practice, the Bye is almost never implemented – the cameras does not have a proper shut-down procedure, they are simply unplugged, so no time to send the Bye message.

The Probe message is sent by a client searching OnVif devices. Some parameters may be added, to specify what type of devices is searched for. Matching devices respond with a ProbeMatches message.

In the current post, we use gSoap to generate the C files for the server. Next time, we see how to add the logic to send Hello/Bye messages and to answer to Probe requests.

Before executing following instructions, download gSoap 2.8. A more recent version can be used, but the results may be different. We use the following variables:

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