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Just in time for school: Game & Web Development Courses, new features, and more!

Check out our new project-based learning courses to build your first website and game level today.

“CodeCombat is really fun because you get to see that what your character is doing in the game is what you made him do.” -- Mario, 10

We’ve been hard at work all summer building new features, playtesting them in our coding camps, and fine-tuning all the new levels. We’re so excited to finally share all of it with you!

Our biggest announcement today is the launch of our Game and Web Development courses — featuring new, project-based levels that bridge the gap between programming and real world applications by providing players an opportunity to build real websites and games. We’ve already seen amazing examples built by students during our summer camp, and we can’t wait to see more from the rest of the CodeCombat community.

Create 1.1.1 Formative Assessment Quest

On Professional Learning for Online Educators

Formative assessments are how teachers measure student progress throughout a learning unit. Ideally, teachers would use formative assessment on a daily basis. With the results of formative assessments, teachers can identify areas of strength and weaknesses to guide and target their instruction.

I currently teach college level courses through the online model and 6th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts in a face to face traditional classroom setting. In these settings, I use a great variety of formative assessment strategies. There are many activities and strategies that work well for assessing student readiness and for formative assessment within the course of the learning unit.

For Quest 1.1.1, I have chosen to focus on my 6th grade Social Studies class. In this classroom we are using formative assessments daily. One recent formative assessment required students to design a Tagxedo or Wordle to create a vivid image of Australia. Students were instructed to include words that illustrate the form of government, environmental resources, climate, and important geographical features. While I did use this for assessment within the unit, I could have very well used this as an assessment for readiness by asking the students to complete the assignment prior to instruction. In this manner, I would have been able to assess what my students knew about Australia prior to instruction.

Here is the link to a sample of this activity:


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