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Nose to the Grindstone

You may have noticed that we’re going through a quiet spell. No, we haven’t disappeared, we’re working a hard as ever putting together our level editor. The editor is going to allow every site user to create their own code challenges and deploy them to the community. You will be able to choose the units in your challenge, the strategy required to win, the win conditions, and the level art. Like Legos or minecraft, the rest will be up to you.

Want to teach your children some simple if/else statements? Or a struggling student about variables? Or your tutee about pathfinding algorithms? Pretty soon you’ll be able to make your own educational coding games and distribute them to the world.

In the mean time, let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve the way the game currently works. We really appreciated everyone’s feedback to the MVP and want to keep the momentum going!

The 120-Hour Workweek - Epic Coding Time-Lapse

On nickwinter.net

Last week I set out to see how many hours of programming work I could do in one week on CodeCombat, our multiplayer programming game for learning how to code. I clocked in at 120.75 hours. Here's the epic time-lapse video I generated from Telepath (watch in 1440p if you can):

So what did I learn from this experiment?

Adjustable height desks are amazing.

I bought one from Ergo Depot a few days before. I must have switched between sitting and standing fifty times last week. I would never have survived otherwise.

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