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A $31 Trillion, 390 Billion Statement Programming War Between 545 Wizards

What happens when you challenge hundreds of elite programmers to put on their robes and wizard hats, enchant their minions to solve a constantly shifting multi-agent traveling salesman problem, use the loot to build mighty armies, and vie for eternal glory and tournament prizes?

You get a lot of clever coding, dirty tricks, attempted exploits, brilliant strategies, and an epic programming war that left millions of human and ogre widowers weeping for their fallen wives. And you get two unspeakably powerful Archmage champions.

Here are the results from our Greed multiplayer programming tournament. By the way, many of our talented players are open to job opportunities, so if you're hiring (or know someone who is), check out our employers page.

Why you should play CodeCombat!

On Jeoxs's Coffee House!

Well.. if you like Programming, wizards, warriors, and fighting orcs, then CodeCombat.com is For You!

It's a beautiful game where you play the role of a Wizard that help his friends in battle with Powerful Magical Codes in JavaScript.

This is how you'll Look when you start playing... Amazing, Isn't it?

CodeCombat.com will help people who would like to learn how to code, not only in JavaScript, but also with the logic required inside this world.

How does the game look? Well, like this:

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