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CodeCombat is Hiring: Chief Artisan

Want to work full-time building new CodeCombat levels that millions will play? You should join CodeCombat as our Chief Artisan.

Your Missions:

  • Build levels! You’ll use our level editor to turn concepts into levels. It’s equal parts dragging and dropping ogres, writing custom level scripting, balancing gameplay, and writing documentation and level metadata.
  • Tune levels. We have extensive analytics on where players get confused or stop having fun. You’ll dig into that data to come up with balance tweaks, helpful asides, and improved pacing for all our levels.
  • Create level components. Code up new hero abilities, spells, items, and enemies that will be used across multiple levels.


  • Flexibility. This is a remote job. Work wherever, whenever you want, as long as you get levels done.
  • Challenge. Building levels that are both fun and educational is nearly impossible–just the way you like it.
  • XP. This is an entry-level game design and programming job, but you’re going to level up fast.
  • Gold. Nothing is more important to CodeCombat than the levels, so when you’re making great levels, you’ll be well rewarded with competitive pay.


The job starts as soon as possible, so we can’t wait until the summer, nor will part-time be enough.

We don’t care about traditional credentials, so we’re going to do this by audition: after you get in touch with us to tell us about yourself, use our level editor to build this level. When introducing yourself, be friendly, not formal. Ask questions.

Please pass this on to friends who might be interested. We’ll review applicants on a rolling basis and update this post when we’ve hired someone.

Our mission is to make programming feel like the magic that it is. So put on your robe and wizard hat and join us!

Update: we have our new Chief Artisan. Stay tuned to find out who and play all 42 audition levels.