2023 Hour of Code: Unveiling New Coding Pathways with Roblox & AI

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2023 Hour of Code: Unveiling New Coding Pathways with Roblox & AI

For 2023, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest offerings, featuring an immersive coding experience created in collaboration with Roblox Education and a cutting-edge generative AI tool tailored for newcomers. With CSEdWeek approaching, millions of students globally are set to participate in the Hour of Code, and this year, our commitment is to provide an unparalleled learning journey for all participants. Join us for the CodeCombat 2023 Hour of Code activities and discover the excitement of coding and AI like never before!

An Immersive 3D Coding Experience on Roblox

Prepare to transform how your students engage with code in our latest Hour of Code activity: CodeCombat Worlds. This groundbreaking collaboration with Roblox Education empowers every player to become a creator on the Roblox platform.

Thanks to the Roblox Community Fund, CodeCombat was selected to create an in-experience coding and creation solution, teaching both Luau coding and game development, unlocking creation for Roblox players who can't use Studio.

  • Play: Immerse yourself in an expansive Overworld where students code pets, collect resources, and level up their skills. The experience encourages coding practice and experimentation within a captivating environment.
  • Code: Dive into training areas offering a scaffolded progression of Learning Levels. Students learn Luau and core coding concepts with step-by-step tutorials for beginners.
  • Create: Once equipped with some basic coding knowledge, users can showcase what they’ve learned in Creative Mode. Empower your class to design their own immersive games and experiences.

Whether you're introducing coding to beginners or guiding seasoned coders, CodeCombat Worlds offers an engaging and accessible journey into the realm of game development. Empower your students to unleash their creativity—the ability to create is now within their grasp! For detailed info, visit our CodeCombat Roblox page and explore Teacher Resources for classroom materials. Your students' coding adventure awaits!

The First AI Made With Your Students In Mind

Dive into the realms of Artificial Intelligence with our groundbreaking Hour of Code activity, CodeCombat AI HackStack! Students can now discover AI while prioritizing privacy and safety, exploring the first generative AI companion tool designed for AI newcomers.

In this hands-on experience, students are introduced to CodeCombat AI HackStack, a platform that seamlessly combines simplicity and power to accelerate their coding abilities and unleash their creative potential. Tailored for those new to AI, this tool not only teaches the fundamentals of AI but also grants secure access to cutting-edge Language Models such as ChatGPT-4, Claude, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and more.

The journey begins with a guided training mode where users quickly grasp the intricacies of AI, unlocking the full creative potential of CodeCombat AI HackStack in mere minutes. From prompt-to-code-to-published projects, students will witness the magic of this AI-powered application as they effortlessly generate games, art, websites, and code - pushing the boundaries of their imagination.

Join us in this AI adventure where students don't just learn about AI; they actively engage with it, creating projects that showcase the true power of CodeCombat AI HackStack. Elevate your coding prowess and explore the limitless possibilities of AI in a safe and exciting environment!

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Angelica Telnik

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