Ace of Coders Multiplayer Programming Tournament

Ace of Coders Multiplayer Programming Tournament

Our newest multiplayer arena level is here, and with it comes the next coding tournament! In Ace of Coders, you write code to summon armies, command minions, vie for control points, and use your hero to overwhelm your opponent’s forces. Choose new foes, improve your strategy, and watch your code fight its way up the leaderboards. You don’t need any CodeCombat experience to play–just a mind for programming, a thirst for gold, and a hunger for battle.

The tournament begins today and lasts for a month. On Wednesday, October 14 at 5PM PDT, we’ll snapshot the leaderboards and simulate some additional ranking to determine the winners. The top ten players will skip straight to final CodeCombat job interviews. We’re hiring for our San Francisco office, and if you want to build the programming game that will be the default way everyone learns to code, then we think you’ll enjoy this tournament. (If you can’t join us, then just play for fun.)

What’s New

We had a blast running our past three tournaments: Greed, Criss-Cross, and Zero Sum. We’ve come up with a few new things for this one:

New Level

The Ace of Coders arena contains seven control points, each of which grants 3 gold per second to the team controlling it. You use this gold to summon soldiers, archers, artillery, and arrow towers. You’ll need strategy around which control points to contest and what armies to build, and you’ll need tactics to win each skirmish and build up your advantage. Thanks go to player David Liu for putting this level together.

New Hero

Commanding your forces is the mighty Goliath, Okar Stompfoot, a new hero released with this arena. He’s nearly indestructable and can smash anything near him with his mighty club, but he’s slower than a turtle riding on a depressed slug. Play the level to try out his new stomp, hurl-enemy, and throw-boulder abilities.

Private Leaderboards

Want to hold a casual competition amongst your friends, classmates, or colleagues without Wizard Dude crashing the party? Simply invite them to a CodeCombat clan, and you’ll have your own Ace of Coders arena instance and league leaderboards. You can follow our tournament timeline or come up with your own schedule.

Red vs. Blue Mirroring

For this mirror match, we’ve symmetrized it so that you just have one strategy that applies to both the red and blue ladders instead of two different pieces of code. It also auto-submits whenever you run the code without errors. This will let you easily see how your code does against all players without having to paste it into both sides. (If you prefer, you can just play on one side by never starting a match as the other side.)

Play Now

Check out the Ace of Coders arena and see the future of programming tournaments!

Nick Winter

Nick Winter

San Francisco