Dive Into the World of Game Development: CodeCombat Worlds has officially launched on Roblox!

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Dive Into the World of Game Development: CodeCombat Worlds has officially launched on Roblox!

We've been developing all summer long, and now we're eager to unveil our latest innovation. Join us as we take a first look at CodeCombat Worlds, our collaboration with Roblox.

Empowering Every Player to Become a Creator on Roblox

Learning coding and game development can be challenging. Roblox Studio, the pro-level code IDE (integrated development environment) on the Roblox platform, is a great place to learn these skills in a creative and engaging way, but most learners still lack access on their devices. Those with Chromebooks, tablets, phones, and consoles unfortunately don’t have the ability to use this powerful tool. Furthermore, both coding and Roblox Studio have steep learning curves, limiting the potential of most would-be creators.

Roblox Studio

Thanks to the Roblox Community Fund, CodeCombat was selected to create an in-experience coding and creation solution experience teaching both Luau coding and game development, unlocking creation for the many Roblox players who can’t use Studio.

CodeCombat Worlds has three mutually reinforcing core game loops:

  • Play: The experience is ‘play’ first, encouraging coding practice and experimentation within an immersive world. Players code pets and collect resources to level up in the Overworld.
  • Code: Players enter training areas where they learn Luau and core coding concepts in a scaffolded progression of Learning Levels.
  • Create: After building just a small amount of coding knowledge, users will create their own immersive experiences in Creative Mode.
Code your pet to mine

The power to create is in everyone's hands:

  • All ages, rated 6+ and designed to appeal to players 15+
  • All skill levels, new coders start with step-by-step tutorials, while Luau pros can go straight to Creative Mode.
  • Consumer and Education versions, with deep parent and teacher involvement
  • All devices, including phones and tablets, via custom mobile code editor

Play on Mobile

Your game development journey can start anytime, anywhere. The code engine powers context-aware code completions based on mobile tap points, allowing full text-based Luau coding without resorting to drag-and-drop simplifications. With this feature, you are always just a few taps away from coding the next best creation.

Mobile code editor

Game Modes

Begin your adventure in the Overworld, the home base and social hub of each player’s coding journey. Here, you adopt your first pet and are taught to interact with it using basic code commands like pet:hit("tree") to gather wood. As you complete Overworld quests and engage with the lively characters who reside there, you'll not only gain familiarity with coding but also level up your pets, preparing them to take on the more formidable monsters that occupy the land.

Battle by coding your pets

Learning Levels serve as the training grounds that will form the core game loop for players learning coding concepts. Traverse dangers and complete puzzles using Luau code to control a powerful golem carrying out your tasks. The first set of learning levels you encounter will introduce you to using method arguments. Upon completing each level set, you'll unlock new quests that challenge you to apply your newfound knowledge to assist in the Overworld. This will enable you to unlock various rewards and provide you with the coding knowledge necessary for Creative Mode!

Learning Level

Finally, Creative Mode is where you’ll apply what you’ve learned to make your own games. Game development is equal parts building environments and coding gameplay–here, you can do both, using simple tools to lay out the scenes and creating object interactions with Luau.

Creative Mode

Creative Mode also features a new AI-powered Code-It-For-Me tool that supercharges the creation process and enhances accessibility. You can generate and iterate entire games and immersive experiences through simple prompts. When you feel your creation is complete, you can go ahead and publish it within CodeCombat Worlds for everyone to see and eventually import it to Roblox Studio, taking the first step towards becoming a full-fledged Roblox developer!

AI-generated Skittles game

Start exploring CodeCombat Worlds today. The power to create is in your hands!

Always Improving

Thank you for joining us on this journey to review our latest updates! As always, we welcome your questions and feedback. Feel free to email us at schoools@codecombat.com.

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