Game Development 3 is Live!

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Game Development 3 is Live!

Ready to take game development to the next level? Game Development 3 includes ten new levels and a new project that will teach students how to make their own infinite runner-style game!

The Game Development 3 (GD3) course builds upon concepts from Computer Science 3, allowing students to create more complex interactive games to share with their friends. Students will learn how to use animations, control the movement of multiple units, and reuse spawned units, allowing them to provide compelling challenges for players that run smoothly on all computers!

The course ends with a tutorial on how to make an infinite runner-style game, then sets students free to combine and remix those mechanics to make their own new game.

Students can use GD3 concepts to create a game like this or make their own infinite runner game like this:

What are the prerequisites?

We recommend students complete the following courses before starting GD3:

  • Computer Science 3
  • Game Development 2
  • Optional: some knowledge of Physics and/or Geometry.

Teachers can check out the Game Development 3 Teacher Guide for detailed breakdowns for each level once they’re ready to get started.

Are there new resources for teachers to use in their AP Computer Science Principles class?

Our new guide on how teachers can use Game Development 3 as a practice opportunity for the Create task, covers both abstraction and algorithm complexity requirements for the AP exam.

How do teachers receive the updated course?

If a teacher has full licenses for their class their students will get all updated levels as soon as the teacher assigns Game Development 3 to them.

If a teacher has already assigned GD3 and their students don’t see the update levels, teachers can email and we’ll be glad to update their classroom.

How do teachers receive access to all the courses?

Teachers can contact our school specialists for more information about receiving full access to all the CodeCombat courses or request a demonstration to learn how the CodeCombat platform can fit into any school's computer science program. Email or request a demo.

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Daniela Lao

Daniela Lao