Hour of Code Games: CodeCombat by the Numbers

Hour of Code Games: CodeCombat by the Numbers

Thousands of students and educators were challenged, engaged, and expressed their creativity with CodeCombat during this year's Hour of Code. Here are the highlights!

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Through creativity, engagement, and coding challenges, Hour of Code sparked inspiration and engagement for students all over the world. The entire team at CodeCombat were so honored to be part of the commitment to computer science made by a record number of teachers, parents, and districts.

In just one week, over a hundred thousand players created their own CodeCombat games, typed almost 10 million lines of their own type code, and completed thousands of levels.

Thank you to all the parents and educators who shared their messages and posts with us this year. Below are just a few of the amazing posts shared with us:

Volunteers and members of [DPiTech](https://www.facebook.com/DPiTechPAGE/?ref=page_internal) worked hard to bring coding and digital literacy to the refugee students at [Chin Student Organization](http://www.csomalaysia.org/) in Malaysia. Despite the possible challenges, students were able to participate in their first Hour of Code and we’re honored that CodeCombat was able to be part of that experience!

We love the message here; learning Python or JavaScript is learning an international digital language that will be as rewarding as learning any new language. These A.L Burruss Elementary students look totally engrossed in coding and we love it!

A little bit of challenge is important to motivate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. It’s great to see students and teachers work through the challenge together and succeed!

It's great to see the students at West Oaks Elementary having fun and typing their own code. The reward is the journey itself and we’re thrilled that the students didn’t want their coding adventure to end.

Fortunately, the fun and learning do not have to end just because Computer Science Education Week is officially over. A record number of teachers made a commitment to turn the Hour of Code into a year of code!

You can check out our Hour of Code activities here year round. Interested in getting more codecombat? Chat with us!

About CodeCombat:

CodeCombat is a platform for students to learn computer science while playing a real game. It has been played in 200 countries around the world and has helped 12M users learn Python and JavaScript. Used by more than 41,000 teachers in more than 16,000 schools in North America. Built for all learners and teachers, recommended for grades 4-12 and recognized by the College Board as an endorsed provider of curriculum and professional development for AP® Computer Science Principles (AP CSP). Teachers, students, and individuals can sign up for CodeCombat and try the first course for free.

Daniela Lao

Daniela Lao