New Features: Classroom Gems, Optimized Game Layout, & More!

CodeCombat Updates

New Features: Classroom Gems, Optimized Game Layout, & More!

At CodeCombat, we are determined to provide you with the best turnkey solution for teaching computer science. Join us as we dive into some of our recent product updates inspired by the feedback of our incredible community. You can now be the first to hear about updates with our new Changelog.

Engage Your Classroom With Gems and Loot

Teachers can now turn on items and gems for their students. After completing each level, students will earn experience and gem rewards, which they can use to buy items for their hero in the item shop. In addition, these items grant new APIs and stats, allowing students to build upon their coding strategy for each level.

CodeCombat champion inventory

By default, this setting is currently not enabled. To turn it on, click "edit class settings" on a CodeCombat classroom and select "Items & Gems."

Optimized Game Screen Layout

Playing CodeCombat on smaller screens has been a hassle in the past. The gameplay would get bogged down and hard to read due to cluttering popups, large amounts of APIs, and crammed code.

But no longer! Now, screens resize optimally to give you the maximum viewing area for your hero's escapades, thanks to the relocations of the methods menu to a previously unused space and the repositioning of hint popups. As a result, game visibility has been increased to as much as 500%, even when besieged by hints, goals, arrows, and more.

Cluttered gameplay screen before
Clear gameplay screen after

Furthering Accessibility in Ozaria

Providing computer science accessibility for all users is of utmost importance. Therefore, we have been focused on building upon the keyboard accessibility and full-screen reader compatibility of Ozaria. As a result, it is now easier and smoother than ever to navigate to the homepage, hero customization, and world map, especially for users with visual impairments.

Example of screen reader being used on the keyboard accessible hero customization page

Beta Test Java With Your Class

Beta tester teachers can now set their CodeCombat classrooms to the Java programming language, in addition to Python, JavaScript, or C++. Java support is in experimental beta; for those interested, you may contact our team at, and we will enable the beta for your class.

Java code in CodeCombat

If you decide to take part, please let us know your thoughts and suggestions again at We would love to hear from you as we continue developing the best experience possible!

Other Honorable Updates

Access CS6 Resources

Computer science 6 resources are now available with fourteen new slide decks, four new levels, and improved level progression. Access them directly on the Course Guide and Teacher Toolkit.

Computer science 6 Greedy BFS Algorithm in a maze slide

CodeCombat accounts can now be connected for easier transition between the two. For example, educators can use linked accounts to switch between a teacher account and a test student account to see everything from a student's perspective.

Link accounts page

Esports Team Strategy Management

CodeCombat AI League esports team owners can now see their player's code. Use this to manage your team as everyone improves their coding and develops their strategies!

CodeCombat AI League with both player's code being shown

Always Improving

Thank you for joining us on this journey to review our latest features and improvements! As always, we welcome your questions and feedback. Feel free to email us at

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Angelica Telnik

Angelica Telnik