Product Update: New Teacher Dashboard, AI Hints, & More!

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Product Update: New Teacher Dashboard, AI Hints, & More!

As we settle into the new year,  we're thrilled to unveil the latest developments in our ongoing quest to enhance the CodeCombat experience for all users. Our focus remains steadfast on refining our tools to better serve your needs, and we're excited to introduce some significant updates that promise to streamline your experience. From a unified look for our Teacher Dashboards to innovative updates like the AI Level Chat Bot and a sleek website revamp. Join us as we embark on this journey of continuous improvement and innovation.

The CodeCombat Teacher Dashboard Is Getting a Makeover

We're excited to announce a unified look for our Teacher Dashboards across all our products. For educators familiar with our Ozaria Teacher Dashboard, transitioning to the new CodeCombat interface will feel seamless. Rest assured, this update doesn't detract from the existing CodeCombat dashboard; instead, it streamlines the experience, empowering educators to efficiently navigate key features.

With the introduction of the new Teacher Dashboard, CodeCombat educators also gain enhanced control over their students' learning paths. They can now individually lock, skip, or designate certain levels as optional, tailoring the learning journey to each student's unique needs and abilities. Furthermore, the level control feature allows teachers to schedule lessons and assignments with precision by setting lock dates for specific levels.

Currently in beta, the new dashboard isn't automatically activated but can be toggled on and off in the settings as we gradually transition to its full implementation.

Here's the timeline for the transition process:

  • February: Existing CodeCombat users can choose to enable or disable the new dashboard.
  • March: New teacher accounts will automatically utilize the new CodeCombat dashboard.
  • April: All CodeCombat users will be migrated to the new dashboard, with the option to revert to the old version if preferred.
  • July: The old CodeCombat dashboard will be phased out entirely.

This phased approach allows users to acclimate to the changes at their own pace while ensuring a seamless transition to the improved CodeCombat experience. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you encounter any inconsistencies while using the new dashboard. We appreciate your feedback and support!

CodeCombat AI Level Hints

The CodeCombat AI Hints is now automatically enabled for classrooms. This feature aids in addressing coding errors and offers guidance to students in problem-solving without providing direct answers, facilitating smoother classroom assistance and alleviating educators from the burden of addressing every classroom-level help request. Educators can choose to disable this feature in classroom settings.

We’re Revamping Our Website With a Sleek New Look

Some of you may have already noticed, but we’re currently testing our updated website look with a select group of users. Still in the process of A/B testing, we will be bringing you an updated look to the website as we gradually transition each page to the new style. Our purpose is to streamline the website, tailoring it to each user's preferences by prioritizing essential information and showcasing useful tools and solutions. We believe this update will unlock the full potential of our platform for both new and returning users.

Join Us in Developing Our Latest Solutions!

We're gearing up to unveil our newest offerings tailored for K-5 students: CodeCombat Jr., AI HackStack Jr., and our Roblox curriculum. These developments are set to launch in Fall 2024.

CodeCombat Jr.

Our flagship K-5 curriculum, CodeCombat Jr., is meticulously crafted to introduce basic coding principles to elementary students. Featuring a gradual progression of learning levels, this curriculum offers a tailored pace suitable for young learners. Students can engage with coding through drag-and-drop blocks, parallel blocks with text, or traditional text-based coding options, providing flexibility in their learning journey.

AI HackStack Jr.

Designed specifically for K-5 students, AI HackStack Jr. offers an accessible platform to explore multimodal generative AI. This intuitive tool empowers students to delve into AI project creation within a safe and imaginative space. From bringing hand-drawn artwork to life on the computer to exploring various AI applications, students can unleash their creativity while gaining valuable insights into artificial intelligence.

CodeCombat Worlds Roblox Curriculum

Dive into an immersive universe where students master Roblox programming. From the Rift Village quests to Luau coding challenges, our Roblox experience caters to all skill levels. We encourage educators to try it out with us as we shape teacher resources for a complete classroom experience.

If you're eager to incorporate these solutions into your classroom or home learning environment, we invite you to join our beta testing phase by signing up below. Let's shape the future of education together!

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