CodeCombat Social Roundup - April 2018

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CodeCombat Social Roundup - April 2018

We rounded up a few of our favorite CodeCombat related social posts from around the internet to share our digital appreciation with our awesome students, educators, and players.

In this Social Roundup: Comfy coding, the best homework EVER, snow days are code days, and more...

Educator, Jaime Juchems at Star Center Elementary seems to have a group of very excited coders on her hands!

Thank you for sharing, Ms. Walsh. We encourage [pair programming]( “Learn more about pair programming”) and love to see kids collaborating!

We’re so pleased, Dr. Shameem’s class celebrated Global School Play Day 2018 by playing CodeCombat.


It’s inspiring to see Rocky View Schools students work side-by-side with actual developers. Thank you for sharing that awesome moment, Ms. Wilkie!

It’s not always easy to detect student engagement in the classroom but this looks about right. We love the intense concentration on these students’ faces. Keep up the great work, Moulsford educators and thank you for sharing CodeCombat with your school!

Jaime, that sounds like a perfect snow day to us. We hope you’re staying warm and thanks for bringing us along too!

What awesome sounds indeed! Thank you Ms. Waring for sharing the busy buzz and engagement of your students at Hoover City Schools.

We can’t wait to see what these Junior team of coders create in the future! Thank you, Black Girls Code for motivating future leaders and innovators and taking us on that journey.

We’re so glad your students enjoy the new Assessment levels! Thank you for the shout out, Mr. Steele. We can’t wait to see more from your class.


I don’t think we would ever want to leave this library at Moshannon Valley Elementary school. Ms. Wagner, thank you for making such a cozy environment to learn coding

We wanted to give a big congratulations to the students at Westgate Hill who demonstrated their computer science skills during the PIEProjectUK 2018 #BIGPIEChallenge. We’re so happy the students had fun while learning!

---- Troy Hunt’s son definitely lucked out in the homework department. Sign us up for any homework that involves playing a game to code! Thank you for the kind words, Mr. Hunt.

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Daniela Lao

Daniela Lao